Teacher Salary Increases, SREB States
2019-20 school year


December 2019
Legislatures in many SREB states took action to increase teacher salaries for the 2019-20 school year. This table summarizes those actions across the region.

Alabama 4% 
Arkansas $1,000 
Delaware 2% 
Florida $2,0001
Georgia $3,0002
Louisiana $1,000 
Mississippi $1,500 
Oklahoma $1,2203
South Carolina 4% to 10.6% 
Tennessee 2.5%4
Texas $5,500 to $9,000 increase in statewide minimum salary schedule steps
Virginia 3% on July 1, 2019, plus an additional 2% on September 1, 2019
West Virginia 5% average 


1 Salaries are determined at the local level via collective bargaining; legislators appropriated funds sufficient to provide $2,000 across-the-board raises, but it is up to the districts to budget as such.

Funding for the raise was provided through the state funding formula so non-formula-funded employees do not automatically receive this; also, some districts have “strategic waivers” that may allow them to opt out of mandated salary increases.

Districts were allowed to provide differentiated raises as long as the increases averaged $1,220.

Legislators provided additional formula funds for the increases, but local districts determine funding allocations and some teacher salaries are paid with non-formula funds.