Help Students Earn Credentials to Fill Critical Jobs
Bouncing Back From COVID-19 Using Education and Workforce Dollars

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The third webinar in the Bouncing Back From Covid Using Education and Workforce Dollars series covers strategies to help students gain postsecondary knowledge and skills to fill jobs critical to the state’s economic recovery. SREB presenters explored strategies for strengthening dual enrollment programs and helping new graduates maintain their educational momentum even when families struggle to afford tuition.

SREB also spotlighted how states can address issues of equity in this work and how they can leverage multiple funding sources to do so. Leaders in states with exemplary initiatives shared how they are accomplishing this, including Anne Kress, president of Northern Virginia Community College and John Tucker, superintendent of Camden County Schools in Georgia.


Kim Anderson, senior policy researcher, SREB
Tim Shaugnessay, program director, Career Pathways, SREB
Meagan Crowe, policy analyst, SREB

Anne Kress, president, Northern Virginia Community College
John Tucker, superintendent, Camden County Schools 


About the Bouncing Back From COVID-19 webinar series

Economists predict that it could take states, businesses and communities years to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic. In this series of six webinars, SREB delved into ways states can get the most out of workforce and education funding to speed economic recovery.

Recorded September 10, 2020