Ensuring Community Colleges Emerge from the Pandemic Stronger
Emerge Stronger Webinar Series

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In this webinar, speakers discussed the agility and ingenuity of the region’s community colleges:

  • With fewer resources and a marked decline in enrollments during the pandemic, how community colleges are responding to increasing financial pressures
  • Creative strategies two-year institutions are employing to ensure student success while remaining operationally resilient
  • How community colleges and four-year institutions are working more collaboratively to ensure student success and graduation rates
  • How some institutions are linking enrollment strategies with employment needs in their regions

Ensuring Community Colleges Emerge from the Pandemic Stronger


Jay Falkner, president, Carl Albert State College
Scott Ralls, president, Wake Technical Community College
Glenn McLaurin, manager, Huron


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About the How Higher Ed Can Emerge Stronger Post-Pandemic webinar series

After a year of trial and uncertainty, higher education leaders have an opportunity to address new challenges as well as longstanding ones exacerbated by the pandemic. In this series of five webinars, SREB and Huron experts have shared insights into operational efficiencies and opportunities for innovation and transformation while showcasing examples from a variety of colleges and universities.


Recorded on May 12, 2021