Expanding and Diversifying Pathways Into Teaching
Rethinking Teacher Workforce Solutions Webinar Series

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The first of three webinars exploring how education leaders in a state can collaborate to rethink teacher workforce solutions to revitalize and restore the most important profession in society. 

This webinar explored policy ideas for both the short term, during the pandemic, and long term, more holistically, to recruit and prepare a more diverse teacher workforce and open more pathways to those who want to teach.

Panelists from SREB’s Education Human Capital Roundtables discussed topics such as early recruitment and dual preparation partnerships, rethinking preparation curricula and schedules to meet today’s challenges, and revamping student teaching from A to Z. 


Lisa Eads, associate vice president of academic programs, North Carolina Community Colleges

Andrea Kent, interim provost and senior vice president for academic affairs and former dean of the College of Education, University of South Alabama



Recorded January 13, 2021