Education Human Capital Roundtables


Education Human Capital Roundtables

Following up on the Teacher Preparation Commission, SREB has helped states convene education human capital roundtables in several states. Roundtable members are from boards, commissions and agencies charged with improving teacher preparation, educator development and the teaching pipeline.

SREB provides customized research and facilitates in-state convenings to help roundtable members hold challenging conversations on how to improve the quality of their teaching workforce through recruitment, preparation, retention and professional growth strategies. 

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How States Can Elevate the Teaching Profession
Restoring respect and value

Good schools depend on excellent teachers, in every classroom. SREB is helping states examine and redesign state policies to elevate the profession and end teacher shortages.   

I want my daughter to have the best teachers every school year. What parent doesn’t? Yet in too many schools, the only teachers available are uncertified or brand new, with no experience.  

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How Can a Roundtable on Education Human Capital Help Your State?

Another school year has started, and nearly every state in the SREB region is facing major human capital challenges including teacher shortages. Schools now face shortages not only in STEM courses and special education but in most subject areas.