Industry-Education Partnerships for Local Workforce Needs
Process: How to Forge Partnerships

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Industry sector partnerships are an essential strategy for workforce development in states, as they bring business partners together with the public sector to guide the preparation of workers for the high-demand jobs most critical to local economies.

Colorado has developed and sustained one of the most comprehensive networks of industry sector partnerships in the country, with more than 750 companies engaged in 33 industry sector partnerships in all 14 workforce development regions in the state. Hear from Stephanie Veck, former executive director of the Colorado Workforce Development Council, about how the Centennial State was able to do this. Beth Brinly, vice president of workforce innovation at Maher & Maher, shared the key elements of effective sector partnerships as well as strategies for building partnerships that keep businesses at the center and drive the development of industry-led career pathways.

recorded on november 16, 2020