The Skills Employers Demand and How Educators Can Address Them

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In this webinar, SREB provides an overview and findings of the recent SREB report, The Skills Employers Demand: An Analysis of the Research, detailing in-demand success skills based on recent research. Participants also learn what the job market reveals about success skill demand in the SREB region.

Guest speaker Rose Procter, Ed.D., executive director, Center for Ethical Leadership, at the University of North Georgia dives into how Georgia BEST has emerged as an exemplary state model to assure students attain the skills they need for entry and advancing employment in high-wage, high-demand, high-skill economic sectors.

Procter provides insight and lessons learned – highlighting the successful engagement of industry, business and education to teach state specified success skills from pre-K through bachelor’s degree attainment.


Rose Procter

Courtney Leidner

Tim Shaughnessy








recorded on march 7, 2024