There’s A New Tool in Town – ZUNI Learning Tree
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ZUNI Learning Tree, a pre-K-8 online learning platform, empowers student engagement and student-led learning opportunities, and builds a love of learning in the home!

ZUNI Learning Tree is revolutionizing the field of education by harnessing the power of open education resources and making them accessible for students, families and educators. ZUNI’s features include customizable networking, learning management and content management tools designed to promote student-led learning, save teachers valuable time and help districts save money. ZUNI provides links to thousands of carefully vetted, free OERs covering subjects such as literacy, math, science, social studies, coding, financial literacy, holidays and more. It can be easily customized to include district, school and teacher resources. By leveraging the strengths of OERs, districts, schools and teachers can save significant amounts of time and money. With ZUNI, students will be inspired to dream, learn, grow and do together.


Tina McCord, CEO & Founder, ZUNI Learning Tree

Tina McCordTina McCord founded ZUNI Learning Tree to place resources at the fingertips of students so that students could learn 24/7 anytime, anywhere. She has over 20 years of experience in education as an elementary school teacher, an alternative learning environment teacher and a district-level special education and gifted and talented coordinator, where she implemented a district-wide reading program and revamped the GT program. McCord has also been a national trainer working with private sector technology companies and publishers to help teachers incorporate technology into the classrooms.