2018 Annual Meeting Presentations

Publication May 201828 pages(18E02)
Report cover: Ready to Read, Ready to Succeed: State Policies that Support Fourth-Grade Reading Success. Updated May 2018

Ready to Read, Ready to Succeed
State Policies that Support Fourth-Grade Reading Success

What can states do to ensure that students read proficiently by fourth grade? This report presents states’ current progress on this milestone, which is crucial to a child’s long-term success, and offers recommendations for states. The report examines alignment of standards, curriculum, instruction and assessment; early childhood and kindergarten; identification, intervention and retention; and teacher preparation and training for reading instruction. 


Publication May 20184 pages

Repeating a Grade: How Well Does It Work?
Research Snapshot

This research snapshot on retention policies examines what we know about retaining young students, from research on outcomes to how much states spend on additional years of schooling. The brief lists intervention policies in the nine SREB states that require third graders to show reading proficiency to be promoted to fourth grade.


News News Release

Governor Edwards of Louisiana Re-Elected Chair of the Southern Regional Education Board
Chancellor Johnson of Oklahoma is vice chair

LAC officers are Senator Millar of Georgia and Representative Carney of Kentucky

Atlanta, Georgia — June 26, 2018 — Governor John Bel Edwards of Louisiana was re-elected to serve another one-year term as chair of the Southern Regional Education Board. He was re-elected at the organization’s annual meeting in Boca Raton, Florida, on Sunday.


Free Dyslexia Screening Resources

Only a medical professional can formally diagnose dyslexia. However, a number of free screening tools are available to help you determine whether a child has characteristics of dyslexia. If you suspect a child has dyslexia and may need further evaluation, speak with the special education administrator at the child’s school, consult with a psychologist, or reach out to your state’s International Dyslexia Association branch for assistance.