Focus Reports


Focus Reports

Often based on information requests from legislators and other policymakers, Focus reports examine specific topics and how states are addressing them.

Publication February 20149 pages14S01

Focus on Compulsory Attendance Policies
About Age or Intervention?

Over the past decade, SREB state policy-makers have focused on actions to reduce dropout rates and increase high school graduation rates. Some policymakers have suggested that raising their state’s compulsory attendance age (often called the dropout age) to require students to stay in school until age 17 or 18 is an important step.

Publication April 20109 pages(10S03)Asenith Dixon

Focus on the School Calendar

The origins of the 180-day calendar, current instructional requirements in SREB states, opening and closing dates, and recent changes in school calendar flexibility — including the four-day school week and year-round calendar.

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