2018 Annual Leadership Forum
Summit on School Leadership Preparation and Development in Large Districts


SREB held its 15th Annual Leadership Forum at the Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel on April 26-27, 2018. 

Thursday, April 26:

What I Have Learned About Principals and School Improvement - Gene Bottoms, Southern Regional Education Board

School Leadership from the Start – Earl Franks, National Association of Elementary School Principals

Breakout Session 1: Powerful District Learning Experiences for School Leaders

  • Susan Abbe, Orange County Public Schools, Florida
  • Glenna Wyatt, Orange County Public Schools, Florida
  • Stephanie Wyka, Orange County Public Schools, Florida
  • Brannon Gaskins, Fulton County Schools, Georgia

Growing Great Leaders through Distributive LeadershipDPLC Logic ModelLeveraging Principal Meetings for Principal DevelopmentPrincipal Meeting - Handout 1Principal Meeting - Handout 2Principal Meeting - Handout 3

Breakout Session 2Leadership Skills in Early Career Principals

  • Betty Fry-Ahearn, Southern Regional Education Board
  • Gregory Beckford, Redland Middle School, Florida
  • Crystal Spence, Parkview Elementary School, Florida
  • Kelly Steinke, Killarney Elementary School, Florida
  • Aileen Vega, Coral Park Elementary School, Florida

Sustaining Leadership Development - Alvin Wilbanks and Glenn Pethel, Gwinnett County Public Schools, Georgia

Sustainability Template

Friday, April 27:

Innovation in School Leadership: Where It’s Been and Where It’s Going – Andy Cole, The Wallace Foundation

Professional Learning That Changes Principals’ Practices for the Better

  • Dale Winkler, Southern Regional Education Board
  • JoAnn Brown, Leveraging Leadership
  • Connie Luper, Southern Regional Education Board
  • Jerry Vaughn, Arkansas Leadership Academy

Policymakers and Policy: Adopting Policies Resulting in Excellence in School Leadership

  • Ken Mason, Southern Regional Education Board
  • Hugh Blackwell, North Carolina House of Representatives
  • Fran Millar, Georgia State Senate
  • Roxanne Garza, New America

Additional policy resources:

Transforming Principal Preparation in North Carolina

Guiding Principals: State Efforts to Bolster Instructional Leadership

How School Leadership Is Moving Chicago From Worst to First - Steve Tozer, University of Illinois at Chicago