Advanced Career Curricula
Preparing students for success in STEM fields


Co-designed with state leaders, postsecondary educators, employers and master teachers to meet workforce demand in high-tech STEM fields, SREB’s Advanced Career curricula help students master readiness standards and cultivate the critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and applied academic skills employers value.

Nine Advanced Career Pathways

Each of AC’s turnkey four-course pathways offers everything schools needs to be sure they work, from fully developed lesson plans, projects, assessments, tools and technology to extensive training and support for teachers. 

  1. Aerospace Engineering
  2. Automated Materials Joining Technology
  3. Clean Energy Technology
  4. Energy and Power
  5. Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  6. Health Informatics
  7. Informatics
  8. Innovations in Science and Technology
  9. Integrated Production Technologies

All AC courses are taught in the context of a college-ready academic core. The last two courses in each pathway can be offered for dual credit in partnership with a two- or four-year postsecondary institution. AC students can also earn high-demand industry certifications that help them secure employment right after high school.

AC flips the switch for students who aren’t sparked by traditional teaching.

Customizable Design and Delivery

All AC teachers attend a Summer Teacher Training Institute for each course they teach. At the STTI, teachers use AC technology tools to complete student projects and assignments. This builds teachers’ confidence delivering AC’s student-centered, project-based approach to learning.

Follow-up professional development, coaching and technical assistance services help AC teachers and schools strengthen their implementation of the AC curriculum and build schedules that support student cohorts and interdisciplinary teacher planning.

SREB also works with high schools, technology centers or community and technical colleges to deliver AC pathways in stand-alone or wall-to-wall career academies.

A dedicated help desk answers teachers’ questions about AC projects or technology tools and supports school leaders with all aspects of AC implementation.

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