Effective Coaching


Effective coaching requires the planning and implementation of both offensive moves and defensive moves. Each planned activity (play) has a specific purpose – a goal to accomplish. How closely the actual results align with the intended results depends on multiple factors.

The most effective coaches create and implement plays in which each player (teacher or leader) can help build a culture of improvement. At this conference, we will provide learning opportunities for coaches to help them develop a culture of improvement by:

  1. Building Strong Teams: To build a strong cohesive team, effective coaches build on players’ individual strengths to eliminate isolation and develop a collaborative approach to improvement.
  2. Planning for Success:  Effective coaches analyze the needs of the team and individual players and work with leaders to build a plan to achieve the team’s goals.
  3. Trusting the Process: Effective coaches have a proven process for improvement they trust and use. The process encompasses all aspects of their work. Quality coaching guides players in the use of the process to accelerate improvement.
  4. Turning Challenges Into Change: Effective coaches view challenges as opportunities for improvement and help players overcome obstacles as they strive to achieve goals.
  5. Sustaining Change: Effective coaches build a culture and a system of success that survives the loss of any player or coach.