Extracurricular Activities


If students have returned to campus, institutions must create clear policies regarding student events and extracurricular activities to promote student health and safety.

SREB recommends institutions consider the following actions:

1. Ensure that your campus is adhering to state and local guidelines regarding the number of people convening for face-to-face activities.

  • Require that all student organizations adhere to state and/or local COVID-19 safety requirements, including limitations on the number of people per gathering, social distancing and wearing face masks or coverings when gathering in person.
  • Encourage student organizations to move their events and gatherings to a virtual platform if possible.
  • Provide training for student organization leaders on how to conduct virtual events.

2.  If Greek Life is present at your campus, work with local chapter representatives to ensure that social distancing and other safety measures are being implemented during rush and other activities throughout the semester.