K-5 School Improvement
Providing quality early learning for lifelong success


SREB’s Making Schools Work school improvement process is grounded in challenging curricula, engaging instruction, developmentally appropriate career discovery, personalized student supports and leadership practices that promote continuous school improvement and a nurturing school environment.

Our school improvement design for grades K-5 is under development with an anticipated launch in 2021. We currently offer a full range of K-5 support services in addition to specialized literacy and math professional development for school leaders and teachers.

  • Designed and field-tested by elementary educators, SREB’s Powerful Literacy Practices help children in grades K-5 gain reading, comprehension and vocabulary skills as they read, write and talk about grade-level texts in different subject areas.
  • Our Powerful Math Practices enhance young children’s procedural fluency, helping them solve grade-appropriate problems.

Districts and schools may contact Scott Warren, director of Making Schools Work, to learn more.