Objectives and Outcomes
SREB Dual Enrollment Initiative


SREB’s Dual Enrollment Initiative is working with states to find effective solutions to dual enrollment concerns such as cost and equity. The project is exploring how dual enrollment can: 

  • make college more affordable for students from a wide range of income groups
  • provide quality educational experiences for students from all geographic areas and racial and ethnic backgrounds
  • help states meet their educational attainment and workforce goals


  1. Increase understanding of research on dual enrollment.
  2. Examine how dual enrollment is financed and who pays for what.
  3. Identify policies and practices that have successfully expanded dual enrollment opportunities for students from a wide range of backgrounds.
  4. Motivate and support policymakers and education leaders in using state data to examine the extent to which their policies and practices encourage or inhibit student success.


The Dual Enrollment Initiative will:

  1. Engage policymakers, state and local educational leaders, K-12 and postsecondary educators, and students from all SREB states.
  2. Disseminate promising policies and practices.
  3. Provide technical assistance to SREB states to improve dual enrollment delivery and experiences for students.