Technical Assistance Visit


The purpose of a technical assistance visit is to help school leaders and teachers take stock of where they are and where they want to go in school improvement. A technical assistance visit is not evaluative; rather, it represents efforts by the visiting team and the school to improve student learning

If your school is scheduled for a technical assistance visit, the site coordinator and the school staff can take steps to ensure a beneficial experience. Please review and complete the appropriate materials below. The guide explains “who does what” and describes expectations before, during and after the visit. 

A technical assistance visit team is composed of academic and career/technical teachers, a superintendent or a principal, a principal from a feeder middle grades school, a counselor, a business leader, a postsecondary administrator or teacher, and at least one person from the state department of education. Occasionally, a local school board member, a parent or a state legislator may serve on the team. Site leaders choose representatives from business or industry and postsecondary education. 

For more information, contact your HSTW or MMGW state coordinator, who will provide support and help select team members. 

Materials for an HSTW Technical Assistance Visit

Technical Assistance: A Guide for Local Sites

HSTW Data Profile Packet (to be completed prior to visit)

CT Program Evaluation Tool

Materials for an MMGW Technical Assistance Visit

Making Middle Grades Work Technical Assistance Guide for Site Coordinators

Making Middle Grades Work Technical Assistance Visit Guide for Team Members

MMGW Data Profile Packet

Site Guidelines for a Making Middle Grades Work Technical Review Visit

Establishing Benchmarks of Progress for Middle Grades Sites

Materials for TCTW Technical Assistance Visit

Technology Centers That Work Technical Assistance Guide

CT Program Evaluation Tool

TCTW Technical Assistance Data Profile Packet