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Promising Practices Newsletters

SREB’s Promising Practices Newsletter contains real school and classroom practices from school leaders, teachers and other featured speakers who presented at our annual Making Schools Work Conference and the College- and Career-Readiness Standards Networking Conference.

Each newsletter contains helpful information from schools that are successfully implementing the HSTW, MMGW and TCTW Key Practices as well as the names and email addresses of practitioners you can contact to learn more.

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Publication September 16, 2019Diane James, SREBVolume 1, Issue 1

Educating Students Who Have Experienced Trauma
Promising Practices From the 2019 Summer Conferences

Most teachers have students in their classrooms right now who have experienced trauma and are acting out in class because of it. The impact of trauma can be far-reaching and long-lasting and affect students’ ability to succeed in school and in life. Teachers benefit from learning how to recognize trauma and deal with it effectively.

Publication March 15, 2017 11 pages17Vo8w

Making Schools Relevant and Students Better Prepared for Postsecondary Studies and Careers
Best Practices From the 2016 HSTW Staff Development Conference

This newsletter explores ways to prepare students with the foundational literacy and math skills needed in postsecondary studies and the workplace. It also highlights the significance of schools having an effective guidance system that prepares students for college and helps them discover their interests, aptitudes and compatible career choices.