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Post January 2024

Inside: Supporting Every Student

How do you make sure that you are helping every student? In this edition, we have tons of resources to help you help every one of your kids. We have a video and handout on SREB’s powerful systems of support processes, a new report on skills employers want and three articles with lots of ideas on connecting with your students.


Post December 2023

Inside: The Best of 2023

Twas the holiday season, and all through SREB, not a creature was stirring…because we were all at home on holiday leave! We didn’t want to leave you empty handed, though. So, in our early December edition, we compiled all of your favorite resources from our 2023 Promising Practices Newsletters. It’s our gift to you. Enjoy!

Post November 2023

Inside: A Career Pathways Planning Video and Checklist Along With Three Articles on Starting a Career Pathway in Your School

If you are considering starting a new career pathway or CTE program at your school, then you won’t want to miss these resources. In this edition, we’ve included a video on the career pathways planning process, along with an accompanying checklist and resources guide, and three videos on schools that have started their own programs. 

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Post October 2023

Inside: An Instructional Growth Plan Demo, an Annotations Activity and Three Articles on Aligning Curriculum

Are you looking for advice on aligning your curriculum? This month’s theme was “Getting Results,” and to help you accomplish this goal, we created a video demo of an instructional growth plan, an annotations activity instruction sheet with video examples and three articles discussing some promising practices on curriculum alignment. 

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Post September 2023

Inside: A human number line demo, scoreboard instructions and three articles on engaging students

This edition keeps the idea that “learning is fun” front and center. To help examine the SREB focus area “engaging content,” our coaches and reporters created a video demo of a human number line you can use in your math classes, a scoreboard instruction sheet you can use in any class and three articles all about different ways to keep you class engaged with learning.

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Post Volume 4, Issue 1October 20229 pages22V09w


In this issue, a Georgia literature teacher shares strategies to get students pumped up about reading; a New York educator promotes creating an anti-bullying environment to provide a safe space for students to learn; and an Alabama educator says understanding how the adolescent brain works helps teachers design effective lessons. Start reading our flipbook ordownload the complete issue (PDF).

Post Volume 3, Issue 6April 29, 2022 15 pages22v06w

Inside: Career-Driven Students, IT Pathways, High School of Business

In this issue, an Oklahoma tech center builds student awareness and readiness for postsecondary and workforce success. Also: A Kentucky district builds pathways to IT credentials and great jobs with industry support; Iowa students earn college credits and gain career experience with High School of Business; and how teachers can cultivate an explorer mindset with resources from National Geographic. Start reading our flipbook or download the complete issue (PDF).

Post Volume 3, Issue 5 March 31, 2022 11 pages22v05w

Inside: Work-Based Learning, Resilience, Positive School Cultures

In this issue, see how West Virginia transformed classrooms into businesses, giving students the skills they need to succeed in the workplace. Also, explore ways to inspire and build resilience in students; take a proactive approach to a positive school culture; and watch students come alive with project-based learning and National Geographic’s rich Resource Library of units, lessons, activities and more. Start reading our flipbook or download the complete issue (PDF).

Post Volume 3, Issue 4February 28, 202213 pages22v03w

Inside: Classroom Management, CTE’s New Workforce, Math Success

In this issue, explore proactive ways to manage your classroom and curb student disruptions. Also, see how districts and schools in Dallas and Oklahoma are adapting their CTE programs to prepare students for the jobs of the future; keep elementary schoolers excited about math while they build number sense; and get students pumped up about science with SREB and National Geographic Society resources. Start reading our flipbook or download the complete issue (PDF).

Post Volume 3, Issue 3January 31, 20229 pages22v01w

Inside: Nurture Each Child, Rethink Discipline, Work Readiness, More

In our latest issue, Baruti Kafele shares the mindsets and practices of educators who ensure each child achieve their very best. Also in this issue: Boys Town offers positive alternatives to suspensions that transform student outcomes; a Missouri center’s strategies for embedding employability skills in their curriculum; designing engaging social studies instruction with SREB’s PIPs and National Geographic’s resources; MSW2022 updates and more. Download the issue (PDF) or read our online flipbook!

Post Volume 3, Issue 2October 29, 20219 pages21v13w

Inside: Using Data Well, Recipes for Health, Young Men of Color, More

In our latest issue, learn how Penta Career Center’s assessment data tools and techniques can help you increase success in your school. Also in this issue: West Virginia CTE students cook up tasty solutions for community health, Robert Jackson’s strategies for nurturing young men and boys of color toward excellence, SREB’s new Powerful Health Education Instructional Practices, free fall instructional webinars and more. download the issue (PDF).

Publication Volume 3, Issue 1September 30, 202110 pages21v12w

Inside: PBL, Standards-Based Grading, Teacher Retention, #GenGeo, More

Learn how students engaged in hands-on project-based learning are earning national recognition in a NASA design competition. Also in this issue: An Ohio school’s standard-based grading journey; district efforts to recruit, support and retain quality teachers; pairing powerful instructional practices with National Geographic classroom resources; SREB’s new Readiness course digital tools, and more. Start reading or download the issue (PDF)..

Publication Volume 2, Issue 612 pagesApril 20, 202121V03w

Students Climbing the Achievement Ladder
News, stories and videos about teachers, counselors and school leaders

cover photo of newsletterGetting students to master learning standards is a journey, not a sprint. It takes quality teaching and professional development, instruction aligned to standards and so much more.

In this issue of our Promising Practices Newsletter, read how an Ohio high school implemented a three-year reform plan and saw student growth in all tested areas each year. The reforms were so successful that they trickled down to the middle and elementary grades.

This issue also includes a special feature on two districts’ diversity, equity and inclusion journeys by SREB’s Paula Egelson and Rebecca Purser.

Also featured:

  • Schools Add Esports to Their Learning Playbooks
  • About Our All-Virtual 2021 Making Schools Work Conference
  • Williamsburg High School Wins 2020 Pacesetter Award
  • Partner Spotlight: Redwood Learn
  • Virtual Networking Reception
  • Essay Contest: Win a World War II Home Front Resource Trunk
  • Featured Speaker Spotlight

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Publication Volume 2, Issue 58 pagesMarch 4, 202121V02w

Preparing Students for Life After Graduation
News, stories and videos about teachers, counselors and school leaders

photo of newsletter coverThere’s no magic bullet or one-size-fits-all approach to preparing students to succeed after graduation. But most educators agree that students need to be well-rounded with a combination of core academic, technical and workplace skills.

In this issue of our Promising Practices Newsletter, read how an Alabama school district is laser-focused on equipping students with academic knowledge, career exploration, hands-on experience, employability skills and credentials in high-demand fields.

Also featured:

  • How a South Carolina high school addresses students’ mental health needs
  • Ashbury High School Wins 2020 Pacesetter School Award
  • Health and Safety at the 2021 Making Schools Work Conference
  • Featured Speaker Spotlight: Mary Hemphill-Joseph
  • Featured Speakers Promote Systemic, Sustainable Change

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Publication Volume 2, Issue 46 pagesJanuary 202121V01w

School Culture: Pump It Up!
News, stories and videos about teachers, counselors and school leaders

Newsletter cover image How students feel impacts the way they learn. That’s why it’s so important to have a positive school culture. In this issue of our Promising Practices Newsletter, read how the staff at one Mississippi school were intentional in their actions, big and small, to make major cultural shifts that led to more engaged, higher-performing students.

Also featured, find out how Oklahoma educators deliver work-based learning virtually.

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Publication Volume 2, Issue 36 pagesOctober 202020V16w

Uniting Theater and Medicine in Education
News, stories and videos about teachers, counselors and school leaders

Picture of newsletter coverIn this issue of our Promising Practices Newsletter, read how theater students and healthcare students at DeKalb County Technology Center in Rainsville, Alabama, honed their craft by uniting in a project that involved staging and solving real-world emergency medical scenarios.

Also featured, find out why teachers matter and explore strategies for building positive relationships with students.

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Publication Volume 2, Issue 27 pagesSeptember 202020V15w

Social-Emotional Learning During a Pandemic
News, stories and videos about teachers, counselors and school leaders

Picture of newsletter coverSchools, students and teachers began the school year facing daunting challenges that impact their emotional well-being, ranging from natural disasters to a global pandemic.

In this issue of our Promising Practices Newsletter, explore how social-emotional learning is more important than ever to help students succeed. Learn how a school equity strategist is helping schools support and nurture Black girls by cultivating authentic leaders, strengthening adult SEL and advancing culturally responsive practices.

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Publication Volume 2, Issue 18 pagesAugust 31, 202020V14w

Teaching and Learning During a Health Crisis
News, stories and videos about teachers, counselors and school leaders

Picture of newsletter coverTeachers share their personal stories of the rewards and challenges of teaching in an online learning environment in this kick-off issue of the Promising Practices Newsletter. Read how SREB is helping schools and districts with online, blended and hybrid instructionAlso featured: Explore the work of SREB’s K-12 Education Recovery Task Force, Advanced Career, the Making Schools Work Conference and more.