2021 SREB Fact Book on Higher Education

Publication May 2022214 pages(22E01)Susan LounsburyChristiana Datubo-BrownHannah Bartlebaugh

The SREB Fact Book on Higher Education includes data on the population and economy, enrollment, degrees, student tuition and financial aid, faculty and administrators, revenue and expenditures. With more than 100 tables of detailed information, the Fact Book is one of the nation’s most respected and most comprehensive collections of comparative data on higher education.

2021 SREB Fact Book on Higher Education

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Table of Contents

Cover and Highlights

Message from the SREB President, Acknowledgements, List of Graphs and Tables



Population, Economy, Schools and Government

College Participation

College Completion

College Affordability

Faculty and Administrators

Revenue and Expenditures

Appendix A: SREB-State Data Exchange Definitions of Institutional Categories and Listing of Public Four-Year Institutions, Two-Year Colleges, Technical Colleges and Technical Institutes

Appendix B: SREB-State Data Exchange Agency Heads