Career Education at the Postsecondary Level: Beginning Postsecondary Student Outcomes 2004-2009

Publication June 2012

A beginning postsecondary (BPS) student is one who is entering higher education for the first time, typically a community college. Such students face significant risk factors when it comes to enrolling and completing a postsecondary education.  This presentation uses the NCES 2004-2009 BPS data to examine these risk factors in enrolling and completing postsecondary education and assesses the relative outcomes between CTE and non-CTE students.  The presentation also provides comparisons to  a similar study that uses the 1996-2001 BPS data.

Kotamraju, P., & Aliaga, O. (2012, June). Career education at the postsecondary level: Beginning postsecondary student outcomes 2004-2009. Presentation made at the annual meeting of the National Association for Career and Technical Education Information, Portland, OR.

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