How do States Address the Delivery and Timing of Assessment Results?

Publication September 2016 | 3 pages

The Request

During September 2016, a staff member from the Delaware Department of Education asked the educator effectiveness team how other states address the use of assessment results for performance evaluation purposes if these results are unavailable when evaluators and teachers hold end-of-year conferences.

Our Response

Our team created a briefing that highlights policies from 10 states around the country that address how to incorporate assessment data into educators’ evaluations when assessment results are not available before the end of the school year. We found that the 10 identified states reacted to assessment timing challenges in one of three ways.

  1. enacting state laws or administrative regulations
  2. delegating the decision to local school districts
  3. using memos, handbooks and other resources to provide guidance and communicate instructions for the use of assessment results

The briefing also points out several states that have made recent changes to policies and guidelines related to the use of assessment results.

How States Address Delivery and Timing of Assessment Results