Measuring CTE Effectiveness: Using Return on Investment (ROI) and Other Related Tools

Publication November 2010

The NRCCTE has developed a comprehensive agenda for technical assistance and dissemination that addresses various issues surrounding CTE accountability and evaluation. Included in this agenda are return on investment (ROI) studies at local, agency and state levels. This presentation will focus on the NRCCTE’s efforts to develop an ROI guidebook outlining the building blocks for ROI studies, how ROI studies might vary when conducted at different operational levels and case studies, data requirements, and a glossary of definitions. The presentation will also discuss a proposed dissemination and technical assistance strategy for informing stakeholders about the ROI guidebook at various CTE and workforce development conferences and meetings.

Kotamraju, P. (2010, November). Measuring CTE effectiveness: Using return on investment (ROI) and other related tools. Presentation made at the annual meeting of the Association for Career and Technical Education, Las Vegas, NV.

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