What educator evaluation systems and strategies do SREB states use?

Publication January 2017 | 5 pages


In January 2017, a Delaware Department of Education staff member asked the educator effectiveness team to provide an update about evaluation strategies in SREB states. Although most SREB-state policymakers have made modest adjustments to their state’s evaluation strategies, fewer SREB states have proposed or enacted more significant changes.


Our team created a briefing that provides an overview of state evaluation models and summarizes key components of evaluation strategies in the SREB region. The briefing organizes each state into one of four categories, depending on its system model.

  1. state model
  2. state model with district alternatives
  3. district model with state-recommended systems
  4. district model with some or no state requirements

The briefing also includes information about each state’s observation rubric and approach to measuring teacher impact on student learning.

Educator Evaluation in SREB states: An Update