Addressing Teacher Shortages
To Sustain Education, the Workforce and Economy

June 11, 2021
2-3:30 pm
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Part of Moving Onward: A Summer Series on Next Steps for Education and the Workforce

It’s often said that the teaching profession is foundational to all other careers. This panel will explore how P-12 teachers are essential to not only student learning but also postsecondary education and the workforce – and how teacher shortages can threaten state economies in the long run.

 Learn what we know about teacher shortages and their causes, then get an advance look at how two states are addressing the crisis with comprehensive redesigns for recruiting, licensing, supporting, retaining and compensating teachers.



Nicole Smith, Chief Economist and Research Professor, Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce

Nick Moore, Policy Advisor and Coordinator, Alabama Governor’s Office of Education and Workforce Transformation 

Tabari Wallace, Special Advisor to the State Superintendent, Principal Engagement, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Brenda Berg, CEO, BEST NC

Glen East, Superintendent, Gulfport Public Schools in Mississippi 

Ben Burnett, Executive Vice President and Dean, School of Education, William Carey University 

About the Moving Onward series

In three mid-June sessions, SREB will explore several critical issues facing education as states recover from the effects of the pandemic on schools, colleges and the workforce. We’ll look at the urgent need to support students so they can complete postsecondary credentials, examine teacher shortages and new ways to curb them, and conclude with a conversation among governors from SREB states.