National Workshops


National Workshops

SREB’s national workshops bring school leaders, counselors and teachers together to solve problems of practice and design school and classroom practices that promote a growth mindset and encourage students to achieve to their highest potential.

Our new workshops focus on innovative practices for teaching in online, blended and hybrid settings. Join us and gain the tools and resources you need to offer quality instruction wherever you are.


Drive Lasting Change With Your CLNA
Free webinar recording now available!

Wednesday, September 1, 2021
2 – 4 p.m. Eastern

Perkins V comprehensive local needs assessments are more than just an event — they’re a powerful tool regional and district CTE leaders can use to build pipelines to careers and establish a strong foundation for their continuous improvement efforts.

In this free webinar, learn how we designed SREB’s Career Pathway Reviews to meet Perkins requirements and help schools, districts and regional consortia of secondary, postsecondary and industry partners align their CTE programs with opportunities for students to secure credentials,  degrees and careers in high-demand fields.