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2024 Advanced Career (AC) Teacher Training Institutes

SREB’s Advanced Career Teacher Training Institutes has more options than ever before. Take our national training, where there is no need for costly travel as teachers may work from their school’s lab.

Create a custom training for an individual teacher or multiple teachers for schools, districts, states or regions. For this personalized training, you may complete training face to face or virtually.

Or we can help you create a tailored curriculum to meet your local workforce needs. 

Learn more about how we can help by looking through the options below.

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Front Row: Bill Vivian, Lee Dickson, Raphael Snell, Jonathan Baisden, Alan Perry; Second Row: Debra Barber, Robbie Albertson, Greg Betkijian, Travis Baker, Katherine Thompson, Josh Johnson, Matthew Hallmark, David Adkins, Jim Berto, Kyle Locke.

Teachers Take a Deep Dive Into Aerospace Engineering
SREB’s July 15-26 STTI at Auburn University

Teachers from Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and West Virginia came together July 15-26, 2019, at Auburn University to explore the four courses in SREB’s Advanced Career Aerospace Engineering curriculum. Two AC “Lead Learners” — teachers Bill Vivian of Sun Valley High School in North Carolina and Alan Perry of Frankfort High School in Kentucky — led this AC Summer Teacher Training Institute.