Mississippi, Arkansas Educators Win National Readiness Awards
Outstanding leadership in improving college readiness for high school students

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Four educators were honored this week for their work to help underprepared students succeed in high school and postsecondary studies. 

These Southern Regional Education Board awards recognize outstanding teaching and leadership with SREB Readiness Courses, which help underprepared students succeed in high school and postsecondary studies. The winners were honored at SREB’s Readiness Courses Institute in Nashville, Tennessee.

Marla Davis, Mississippi Department of Education Marla Davis and Jean Massey
Mississippi Department of Education
President’s Trailblazer Award

Mississippi has done an exceptional job with the adoption, promotion, training and implementation of the SREB Readiness Courses. They are moving the needle in terms of preparing students for success in postsecondary studies. Marla Davis and Jean Massey of the Department are ensuring students in Mississippi have access to the Readiness Courses — and making sure policies at the state level promote a comprehensive readiness program.

Mary Zluticky
Horn Lake High School
Horn Lake, Mississippi
Outstanding Literacy Ready Teacher

Mary Zluticky of Horn Lake High School says that with the Literacy Ready program, her students work harder, while at the same time her expectations of her students are higher. In her class of 12 students, seven improved their English scores, while two-thirds improved both their reading, science and composite scores on the ACT. “Students who look Literacy Ready learned to work harder,” she says. “Students are very eager to please us, and they work very hard to meet our expectations.”  

Phil Wesson
Sheridan High School
Sheridan, Arkansas
Outstanding Math Ready Teacher

Phil Wesson of Sheridan High School has taught Math Ready for two years, and each summer he facilitates Math Ready instruction for teachers in Arkansas, Mississippi and South Carolina. Whether working with students or teachers, Wesson says the number one takeaway from Math Ready is the effectiveness of collaborative learning. “My students’ math understanding and reasoning skills have improved by having to use different math concepts to solve multistep math problems,” he says.

About SREB Readiness Courses

Far too many students need developmental (remedial) education when they get to college. SREB’s Literacy Ready and Math Ready help address the readiness gap by improving specific skills and understanding for high school students. SREB is now piloting two courses to prepare middle grades students for success in high school: Ready for High School Literacy and Ready for High School Math.

SREB’s Readiness Courses Institute brings together teachers to learn to implement the courses. The 2017 conference was July 10 to 13 in Nashville.

The Southern Regional Education Board works with states and educators to improve public education at every level, from early childhood through postsecondary education. 

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