Ready for High School Literacy


Ready for High School Literacy

This course utilizes a disciplinary literacy approach that teaches students strategies for reading and understanding complex texts in different subject areas. Students learn to develop and defend ideas, both orally and in writing, in high school-level subjects such as English, history and science.

The unit structure conforms to the framework of the Literacy Design Collaborative which addresses college- and career-readiness standards.

Ready for High School Literacy Outline

  • English Unit 1: How the Brain Functions: What It Means to Be Human
  • History Unit 1: World War II: What makes nations take extreme measures?
  • Science Unit 1: What will the Earth look like in a million years?
  • English Unit 2: Fictional Text on the Study of the Human Brain
  • History Unit 2: World History: Studying Texts as Historians
  • Science Unit 2: Environmental Science: Constructing Arguments