Research-Based Curriculum Designs
Connecting the classroom with the real world


Developed in partnership with master teachers, employers and state leaders, SREB’s research-based curriculum designs empower middle grades and high school students to make the connections between college-ready academics and careers — the connections that help students own their learning.

  • SREB’s nine Advanced Career curricula each consist of four project-based courses that allow teens to test drive careers in high-tech, high-demand STEM fields while building essential reading, writing, math, science and workplace skills.
  • Our Readiness Courses help struggling students master foundational literacy and mathematics skills as they make critical transitions from the middle grades to high school and from high school to postsecondary studies.
  • Project-based middle grades STEM courses spark students’ curiosity about the world, deepen their understanding of the principles of scientific inquiry and the engineering design process, and introduce them to exciting and lucrative careers.

Schools that adopt any of these college- and career-preparatory curricula receive customized professional development and coaching services to help them select, prepare and support teachers in implementing the curricula with confidence and fidelity.