Readiness Courses


Readiness Courses

SREB’s Readiness Courses help struggling students in hundreds of schools nationwide master foundational literacy and mathematics skills as they make critical transitions from the middle grades to high school and from high school to postsecondary studies.


Readiness Digital Tool Suite
Complete online access to every resource, in every course!

SREB is excited to present our new Readiness Digital Tool Suite, a web-based learning management system. Previously available only as PDFs, all Readiness lessons, links and activities are now interactive learning tools that harness the power of platforms like Desmos, Google Docs, Google Slides and Jamboard. Teachers can create digital copies of any resource and upload them to their own LMS! Learn more in this guide (PDF) and sign up today!


Readiness Courses in Literacy and Mathematics
Promoting successful transitions to high school, college and careers

SREB has been working with states to improve college and career readiness for over a decade. In 2013, we partnered with state leaders and master teachers to co-develop transitional literacy and mathematics curricula that prepare at-risk students for the rigors of challenging high school and postsecondary course work.

Our Ready for High School and Ready for College courses were designed to help struggling students increase their critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills by engaging in challenging activities and assignments.

Ready for High School

SREB’s Ready for High School courses help eighth- or ninth graders master the literacy and math skills they need to complete a college ready academic core, graduate on time and pursue postsecondary studies.

In Ready for High School Literacy, students read, write about and engage with complex texts in different disciplines.

Students in Ready for High School Math learn how and why to use math formulas to solve complex abstract and applied problems instead of merely memorizing formulas.

Ready for College

SREB’s Ready for College courses help seniors master literacy and math skills before they transition from high school to postsecondary programs. Our research shows these courses can help students avoid costly remediation that might slow or stop their progress toward a credential or degree.

In Literacy Ready, seniors develop and defend ideas from texts in diverse subject areas and write about those ideas at a college level.

Math Ready develops critical thinking and math reasoning skills and engages seniors in applying math to real-world problems.

Customizable Delivery Options

SREB’s Readiness Courses can be offered over a full school year or taught in one semester on a block schedule.

In a typical implementation, states, districts or schools identify eighth- or ninth-graders or seniors who fall within a few points of benchmarks on state readiness assessments and place them in SREB’s Readiness Courses.

Any teacher who is enthusiastic about offering an engaging classroom experience can successfully offer the courses. We work one-on-one with schools to select and prepare these teachers through intensive onsite and virtual professional development and follow-up coaching support.


2022 Readiness Course Trainings

SREB is pleased to announce a new, three-session virtual training series on our complete suite of Readiness Courses. Any teacher can join us to gain access to these powerful curricula and our comprehensive, easy-to-use Readiness Digital Tool Suite!