Principal Leadership


Principal Leadership

Effective school leaders are the key to school improvement. Strong principals are instructional leaders who use continuous improvement strategies to engage teachers in owning problems and solutions.

Our Learning-Centered Leadership Program builds the capacity of aspiring school leaders and empowers current school leaders to lead changes in school and classroom instructional practices that increase student achievement and transform school cultures.


Learning-Centered Leadership Program
Preparing Transformational School Leaders

States, districts and schools need support choosing, preparing and supporting principals, assistant principals and teacher-leaders who can transform teaching and learning in their schools and ensure that all students have equitable access to quality learning experiences.

SREB’s Learning-Centered Leadership Program supports leaders of K-12 schools and technology centers through customizable professional development, mentoring and job-embedded leadership coaching.

LCLP's Leadership Learning Cycle: New Knowledge and Skills, Authentic Application, Coach/Mentor - Feedback, Reflection LCLP’s leadership learning cycle provides the structure school leaders need to support lifelong learning and school improvement strategies that yield results.

With LCLP, school leaders build their capacity to:

  • Communicate a vision of excellence
  • Lead continuous improvement efforts
  • Use data to inform decisions
  • Recognize standards-driven instruction
  • Foster a positive learning environment
  • Provide actionable feedback to teachers

Customizable Design and Delivery

For Aspiring School Leaders

SREB helps states, districts and schools:

  • Assess and improve the school leader selection process
  • Strengthen the principal preparation pipeline
  • Partner with postsecondary to enhance leadership courses and internship experiences
For Current School Leaders

LCLP’s training modules on topics like data use, culture and communication can be customized to suit diverse audiences. SREB can help states, districts and schools:

  • Evaluate leadership training and preparation programs
  • Create engaging training experiences and support in-house training
  • Provide targeted coaching on new instructional practices
  • Provide self-paced, job-embedded development

LCLP is an integral component of SREB’s Making Schools Work school improvement process, which engages educators and school leaders in identifying problems of practice, implementing research-based solutions to those problems and learning within a collaborative network of schools nationwide.

Publication Jon Schmidt-Davis 201244 Pages(12V10)

Turnaround High School Principals
Recruit, Prepare and Empower Leaders of Change

The publication takes an in-depth look at the kinds of principals required to turn around the lowest-performing 5 to 10 percent of public high schools in America. Schools stuck at the bottom of the performance chart need first-rate principals with the motivation, vision, skill and commitment to make dramatic improvements in schools and student achievement. The report describes how we can identify, prepare and support these turnaround principals.



Florida Turnaround Leaders Program

SREB led a program to prepare leaders to turn around chronically underperforming middle grades and high schools in Florida. The goal: to prepare aspiring principals to improve student achievement in some of the state’s lowest-performing schools.