Making Schools Work
School and Classroom Practices That Prepare Students for College and Careers

Publication June 2020 (revised)19v154 pages

This brochure describes how the Making Schools Work process employs a distributed leadership approach to involve the whole school in identifying problems that impact achievement and developing plans to solve them.

SREB’s Making Schools Work school improvement process is grounded in the belief that increased achievement starts with motivating students to make the effort to succeed.

With designs for elementary grades, middle grades, high schools and technology centers, Making Schools Work shows school teams how to create improvement plans that address five focus areas:

  • engaging students through quality instruction
  • aligning curricula with state readiness standards
  • ensuring that students can explore careers and complete career pathways that align with their interests and aptitudes
  • providing student supports that promote readiness
  • promoting leadership for creating and supporting cultures of continuous improvement