What are states’ requirements for student teaching experiences?

Publication January 2017 | 5 pages

The Request

During October 2016, the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approved changes to the rules governing teacher preparation providers. The Believe and Prepare program will require candidates admitted after fall 2018 to complete a yearlong residency and an accompanying competency-based curriculum.

To better understand potential implications of these rule changes, a legislative staff member from Louisiana contacted the educator effectiveness team during December 2016. The staffer made a request for information about student teaching requirements in other SREB states.

Our Response

Our team created a briefing that summarizes state policies governing clinical teaching experiences, analyzes research about the topic and features specific examples of effective programing. Although the briefing focuses on the length of student teaching experiences, the included research and program examples surface a more important concern — improving the quality of pre-service experiences to prepare novice teachers for long-term successes.

Student Teaching Requirements in SREB States