What do SREB States’ Policies Say About Teacher Certification for Charter School Teachers?

Publication October 2016 | 8 pages

The Request

During October 2016, a gubernatorial staffer from Kentucky helping to design a state framework asked the educator effectiveness team to share state policies pertaining to teacher certification and licensure for charter school teachers.

Our Response

Our team created a briefing that categorizes state policies for charter school teacher certification in four ways.

  1. mandates all charter school teachers to hold a valid license
  2. waives certification rules for charters
  3. allows charters to pursue waivers from state certification rules
  4. authorizes certain percentages of charter school educators to be non-certified

The briefing includes an inventory of the prevalence of each category in the SREB region and summarizes each state’s relevant legislation.

Certification for Charter School Teachers in SREB States