Office of the President


Stephen L. Pruitt

Stephen Pruitt took office as the sixth president of the Southern Regional Education Board in July 2018.

He started his education career as a high school chemistry teacher in Fayette County, Georgia. During his career, Pruitt has amassed education policy, assessment and instructional background at the local, state and national levels.


Joan M. Lord
Senior Consultant

Joan M. Lord serves as senior consultant for the Council on Collegiate Education for Nursing. She retired in June 2019 as vice president for education data, policy research and programs. In that role, she oversaw SREB’s policy research efforts, including SREB’s Fact Book on Higher Education and Challenge to Lead goals for education, plus SREB’s Go Alliance, Doctoral Scholars Program, Education Technology Cooperative, Council on Collegiate Education for Nursing, student access programs and services, and information technology.