Teaching to Lead


Teaching to Lead
Preparing CTE Teachers for Today's Students

Teaching to Lead is a research-based professional development model designed for new career and technical education teachers pursuing an alternative route to certification. The professional development focuses on the unique challenges of CTE teachers to engage increasingly diverse student populations in learning the technical, academic, and 21st-century knowledge and skills necessary for further learning in the workplace and in postsecondary studies.

The new demands and responsibilities placed on CTE teachers range from integrating grade-level literacy and numeracy to support increased student technical and academic readiness to designing intellectually challenging projects and problem-based assignments that will engage and motivate an increasingly diverse population of learners.

Many CTE teachers enter the classroom with a wealth of technical knowledge and skills. The real-world experience they bring to the classroom and the perspectives they can share make learning more meaningful to students.

But they may have little preparation in classroom instruction. They need mentoring and professional learning to fill the gaps. CTE teachers must have the pedagogical skills to translate their knowledge into effective, differentiated instruction. This is essential to ensure diverse student populations meet employment requirements and are prepared for postsecondary studies.

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Connecting Classrooms, Careers and College
A Guide to High Schools That Work and Other SREB School Improvement Services

Connecting Classrooms, Careers and College offers a comprehensive guide to High Schools That Work and SREB’s related school improvement services.

For more than 30 years, SREB has partnered with states, districts and schools to identify and implement strategies that engage and empower young people to put what they learn in the classroom to work in the real world.


Teaching to Lead Professional Development
Methods States and Districts Use

  • SREB has provided yearlong professional development and classroom coaching for new and veteran CTE teachers in the Syracuse City School District in Syracuse, New York.
  • The Research and Curriculum Unit at Mississippi State University leads the professional development with support from the Mississippi Office of Career and Technical Education and Workforce Development.
  • The West Virginia Division of Technical, Adult and Institutional Education supports four teacher educators at West Virginia University Institute of Technology to lead the yearlong professional development.
  • Vermont Technical College works with the new CTE teachers in Vermont.
  • The CTE coordinators in the Metropolitan Nashville School District lead the professional development.
  • The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education provides the leadership for Teaching to Lead.
  • The University of Central Missouri is using the Teaching to Lead modules for professional development with new and veteran CTE teachers.

SREB works with states, districts or schools to develop the scope and sequence of the professional development delivery method best suited to meet their needs.