WebCamp 3-5-18

Kappy the Koala

Kappy the Koala
Koalas Rule

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Veronica Johnson

Web Camp is Fun!

Don’t be intimidated by technology. SREB Web Camp is fun.

Veronica Johnson, SREB’s digital specialist facilitates learning that engages learners at all levels.

The sandbox provides examples of students’ activities.


Professional Development That Rocks

The High Schools That Work Staff Development Conference provides networking opportunities for teachers, principals and district leaders. Join us in Orlando, Florida for strategies you can use. Ok? Be there.


Samantha’s Super Awesome Post
The awesomest post ever

XKCD is a site with really fantastic comics. They are drawn very simply, using stick figures, and often involve very nerdy topics.

However, this comic (not from XKCD) is one of my favorites:

An angry man says he wants to be mad, not to hear a solution to what's making him mad.

The next image is another of my favorite comic images. It’s useful when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

An adorable tiny potato says, "You can do the thing!"