Site Development Workshops


The Site Development Workshop Process

Schools typically participate in a site development workshop after completing a curriculum and instruction review or a career pathway review. Schools can also use the site development workshop to launch improvement efforts.

SREB leads participants through a review of the school’s status related to the five focus areas of the Making Schools Work school improvement process: aligned curriculum, quality instruction, career exploration, systems of support and leadership for continuous improvement.

SREB’s problem-solving process helps focus teams identify the steps they need to take to address problems of practice and determine whether their current initiatives align with the five focus areas and SREB’s bold goals for student achievement.

Focus teams create a profile of a college- and career-ready graduate — or, in the middle grades, a profile of a rising ninth-grader — that clearly articulates the experiences, skills and knowledge each student should have. These profiles help teams establish school improvement goals and objectives and revise their school’s mission and vision statements to better meet the needs of each student.

Structured activities and shared resources deepen teams’ understanding of effective school and classroom practices associated with the five focus areas.

SREB helps schools carry out their improvement plans with follow-up school improvement coaching, professional development or support services.