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2020-21 marked the first time in nearly a decade in which the total number of people completing teacher preparation programs increased in the South. However, this was followed by a decrease again the following year (2021-22).

The small drops in candidates that occurred each year have added up over time — between 2012-2013 and 2021- 2022, 16,098 fewer candidates completed teacher preparation programs, a significant 23 percent decline.

During the same time frame, the proportion of completed a teacher preparation program through an alternative pathway (vs. a traditional pathway, such as a four-year undergraduate degree) have increased.

Teacher preparation program completions in the SREB region have decreased from 70,297 in 2012-13 to 54,199 in 2021-22.  This is a 23 percent decline.

The proportion of candidates completing teacher preparation programs via alternative pathways has grown across the South — from 27 percent in 2012-13, to 36 percent in 2021-22.



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Spotlight Source: Texas Education Agency. New Standard Certified Teacher Ages by Preparation Route 2017-18 Through 2022-23.