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Social Studies

SREB’s new Powerful Social Studies Instructional Practices show teachers how to design instruction and assignments that inspire students to deepen their understanding of the history and rich cultural diversity of their community, country and world. Teachers can implement these practices alongside our Powerful Literacy Instructional Practices and with any curriculum product they use.

Post By Quinton Granville, SREB

Academics and Exploration Beyond the Classroom

Relevant social studies instruction inspires students to explore the world and how they fit in it and empowers them to become our next generation of leaders and informed decision-makers.

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Powerful Social Studies Instructional Practices
Build literacy and inquiry skills and help students understand and engage with their world

Teachers who follow SREB’s six Powerful Social Studies Instructional Practices create compelling thematic questions and choose a broad range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary sources — such as print, oral or digital texts, letters, cartoons, photographs, audio and video recordings, art, artifacts, maps and more— that spark students’ curiosity and prompt them to complete inquiry-focused tasks.