Community College Commission


Community College Commission

States and colleges must help community college students move down a well-defined path to degrees and careers. The commission called for reforming college placement and carefully monitoring students who need remedial courses. 

The Southern Regional Education Board’s Community College Commission was charged with recommending ways to strengthen the role of community colleges in raising educational attainment in Southern states. With a focus on policies with statewide potential, it studied strategies to prepare more students for community college and guide them through completion.  The goal: increase college access and success so that more students earn postsecondary credentials and enter careers that are in demand in their communities. 

Publication February 201545 pages(15C02)
Report cover: Community Colleges in the South

Community Colleges in the South: Strengthening Readiness and Pathways
Report of the SREB Commission on Community Colleges

The full report of SREB’s Community College Commission offers 21 recommendations for states and community colleges. It presents findings on readiness, placement, math standards and structurally guided pathways to help students clearly see entry, exit and re-entry points to continue their education. Recommendations ask states to commit increased funding and hold colleges accountable for improving student services and completion. The goal: increase college access and success so more students earn postsecondary credentials and enter careers in demand in their communities.



General information

Members of the SREB Community College Commission

Dan Branch, State Representative

Walter Bumphus, President
American Association of Community Colleges

Thomas Campbell, State Board of Education Member
West Virginia

Glenn DuBois, Chancellor
Virginia Community College System

Joyce Elliott, State Senator

Randy Hanna, Chancellor
Division of Florida Colleges

Sheilla Lampkin, State Representative

Joe May, Chancellor
Dallas County Community College System

Mike McCall, President
Kentucky Community & Technical College System

Commission Co-Chair
Joe Pickens, President
St. Johns River State College

John Polk, State Senator

Scott Ralls, President
North Carolina Community College System

Bernie Sadusky, Executive Director
Maryland Association of Community Colleges

Commission Co-Chair
Tim Shaughnessy, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
Gateway Community and Technical College, Kentucky

Jabar Shumate, State Senator

Jim Skidmore, Chancellor
West Virginia Council for Community & Technical College Education

Francis Thompson, State Senator

Yvonne Wood, Chair
Tennessee Economic Council on Women