Readiness Courses in Literacy & Math


SREB Readiness Courses
Getting Students Ready to Succeed

SREB Readiness Courses help underprepared students succeed in high school and postsecondary studies. SREB developed the courses, with input from state leaders and master teachers, to improve student skills and understanding in literacy and mathematics. 

SREB offers two sets of courses, to prepare students at two different levels.

Ready for College

Literacy Ready: Ready for reading in all disciplines

Math Ready: Ready for college-level math

Ready for High School

Ready for High School Literacy

Ready for High School Math

Publication February 2017 | 9 pages | 17V05

Readiness Courses: Preparing Students for College and Careers

A key component of SREB’s recommendations for statewide readiness is implementation of transitional courses in literacy and math. This publication describes SREB’s Readiness Courses and provides data about their effectiveness. It offers recommendations for states to increase college readiness and for schools that offer transitional courses.



Educators Win Readiness Awards at National Conference
Outstanding leadership in improving college readiness for high school students in Arkansas, Mississippi and North Carolina

Five educators were honored for their work to help underprepared students succeed. These Southern Regional Education Board awards recognize outstanding teaching and leadership with SREB Readiness Courses, which help underprepared students succeed in high school and postsecondary studies.