SREB Ready Certification Requirements


SREB Ready School Certification

Join a coalition of schools working to document what works — and earn recognition for your hard work — by becoming an SREB Ready Certified School.

Steps to Qualify

Implement the SREB Readiness Courses in literacy or math with teachers who complete training during the Readiness Courses Institute. Teachers who are enthusiastic about teaching in a challenging and engaging environment should be selected.        

Require teachers to complete online follow-up support. Certificates of completion will be provided to teachers for documentation.

Provide evidence of successful implementation, including student work and teacher classroom experiences. Participating teachers will receive instructions on how to submit evidence during the online follow-up support.

Provide pre- and post-test data to SREB to document student learning. This will require the support of the school staff and leadership and may include ACT scores, SAT scores or scores on statewide examinations. Note that while SREB will collect aggregate data from the school, in no case will this involve the transmission of student personal information.

Complete a site visit for SREB staff to visit with teachers and school leaders. This is the final step in becoming an SREB Ready Certified School. 

How to Apply

If your school qualifies for the certification, please complete the application. Email the completed application, along with supporting documents, to  

Levels of Certification 

SREB Ready Gold
Schools implementing SREB Readiness courses in literacy or math.

SREB Ready Platinum
Schools implementing SREB Readiness courses in literacy and math.

Support and Benefits for Certified Schools

Get online follow-up support. On-demand email and phone support for teachers and counselors. Webinars each semester for participating schools.

Help document the program’s effectiveness. Samples of student work and classroom testimonials will be submitted through online follow-up support. 

Receive ACT vouchers, available to participating schools on a limited basis each year. 

Host a site visit and receive a plaque. SREB staff will present the plaque and visit with school leaders. A press release will be sent and state leaders will be notified. In most cases this site visit will be performed in person, but if scheduling does not allow, an electronic meeting may be arranged.

Be featured on the SREB website. Each certified school will be listed, including a link to the school’s success story.

Attend our summer conference. Each year, SREB will select teachers and leaders from outstanding readiness programs to present their stories and successes at the SREB High Schools That Work Staff Development Conference. SREB will cover registration fees and travel expenses for the selected schools.