State Services


Gale Gaines
Vice President, State Services

Gale Gaines joined the Southern Regional Education Board in 1987 as a research associate on the state services team. As vice president for state services, she brings more than 35 years of experience in education policy and practice, mostly in the public education sector. At SREB, she has focused on the informational needs of legislators, governors and their staff, as well as other state policymakers.


Jeffrey Grove
Research Associate

Jeffrey Grove joined the Southern Regional Education Board in 2006 as a research associate to the state services team, where he brings more than 14 years of experience working on issues of education policy and practice in the public education sector. He has contributed to numerous editions of SREB’s Legislative Report, addressed inquiries on education policies and legislation from policymakers and their staff in SREB states, and authored reports and briefs on current education issues.


Lee Posey
Director of Legislative Services

Lee Posey joined the Southern Regional Education Board in 2017 as Director of Legislative Services. Prior to joining SREB, she worked for the National Conference of State Legislatures for 17 years. Her experience at NCSL included serving as federal affairs counsel with the NCSL standing committee on education. In that role, Lee represented state legislatures before the U.S. Congress and the president’s administration and conducted NCSL lobbying on federal education legislation.