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In 2019, the Oklahoma State Department of Education, under the direction of Superintendent Joy Hofmeister, convened a roundtable of K-12 and higher education practitioners to form the Oklahoma Educator Supply and Demand Network. The group was tasked with recommending improvements for preparing teacher candidates and better supporting new teachers in Oklahoma public schools. Supported by the Oklahoma State Department of Education, with the assistance of the Southern Regional Education Board, the OESD Network met regularly from November 2019 through July 2020.

Blog post Jessica Snellings, Research Analyst

How States Can Reduce College Debt for Future Teachers 

A major issue for my generation, the millennials, and for Gen Z as well is deep, suffocating student debt. For those who want to enter teaching, a career that is not compensated handsomely, this debt can be even more daunting.

Many teacher candidates work full- or part-time jobs in addition to attending classes. When they enter their student teaching period, whether for a semester or a year, these candidates are expected to give over their time fully to student teaching, which makes working nearly impossible.

Blog post Jessica Snellings, Research Analyst

How Some Oklahomans Want to Retain Beginning Teachers

Many states have a critical issue with retaining early-career teachers, no matter their preparation pathway. Oklahoma has one of the more severe teacher shortages, with 57% of new teachers leaving the profession by their fifth year, compared to 44% nationwide.

One of the top reasons early career teachers leave is lack of support. Better early career support would help solve the costly problem of having to prepare and hire a new teacher each time another leaves the profession.

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Oklahoma Educator Supply and Demand Network
Recommendation Report

Many states are facing challenges building a strong teacher workforce, in particular attracting more individuals to the teaching profession and retaining beginning teachers. This report provides recommendations from the Oklahoma Educator Supply and Demand Network for its two priority issues: policy and implementation barriers to paid student teaching internships and lack of sustainable, statewide support for first- and second-year teachers.