Postsecondary Admission Requirements


Four-Year Institutions

The Board of Trustees for the Institutions of Higher Learning set the minimum admissions requirements for public universities. All applicants must complete the Required College-Preparatory Curriculum to receive full admission. The Board also has created a more rigorous, recommended preparatory curriculum. Students may substitute Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses for specific subject-area requirements.

The Board authorizes institutions to admit students completing the CPC with a minimum 2.0 high school GPA and an ACT Composite of 18 or higher. Institutions may enroll students with ACT Composite scores as low as 16 if they have a higher GPA and/or class rank. 

Universities may admit students who do not meet full admissions requirements through enrollment in the Summer Development Program. Successful completion of the program entitles students to continue enrollment in the fall semester. Institutions also may enroll students in Yearlong Academic Support Programs. Some credit earned through the yearlong program does not count toward graduation.

Institute of Higher Learning College-Preparatory Curriculum


 Required Units

Recommended Units

Course Requirements




Must require substantial communication skills




Algebra I or equivalent

Other units higher than Algebra I




Biology I or its equivalent

Other units higher than Biology I

Social Studies



American & World History (1 unit each)

American Government (1/2 unit)

Economics or Geography (1/2 unit)

Recommended units include Introduction to World Geography and Mississippi Studies (or a state/local government course in any other state)




Units in visual and performing arts

Advanced Electives



Option 1: Foreign Language I and Foreign Language II

Option 2: Foreign Language I and Advanced World Geography

Option 3: Any combination of English, Mathematics higher than Algebra I, Science higher than Biology I, Advanced Elective category, any AP course, any IB course




A course that emphasizes the use of technology as a productivity tool

Total 16.5 19.5  
*Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses can be substituted for each requirement. A course may not be used to satisfy more than one requirement.

Two-Year and/or Technical Colleges

Academic and technical students must meet one of the following Mississippi Community College Board admissions criteria to enroll at an institution:

  • An earned high school diploma or approved equivalency certificate;
  • The completion of at least one unit less than the minimum acceptable high school units as prescribed by law, i.e., if the state requires 21 high school units to graduate, a student can be admitted into a community/junior college with 20 high school units;
  • Mississippi Occupational Diploma or state-approved Career Certificate; or
  • Official transcript from accredited postsecondary institution.

Two-year institutions may enroll students in career programs based upon qualifying scores on a federal assessment that demonstrates their ability to benefit from postsecondary instruction.