West Virginia Readiness Policies


West Virginia
College and Career Readiness Standards and Definition

The West Virginia College and Career Readiness Standards define the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to be successful in postsecondary education and/or training leading to employment. All students currently take the West Virginia General Summative Assessment (WVGSA) in 11th grade to determine college-readiness. Students who score a 3 or 4 on the WVGSA are exempt from having to take non-credit-bearing, remedial courses. Students who do not meet the state college-readiness benchmarks in 11th grade are required to complete transition course(s). The mathematics transitional course counts toward a fourth year of math if the student has completed Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry.


West Virginia

High School Graduation Requirements

Course and Diploma Requirements for Current Seniors

Students must complete 24 credits to receive a high school diploma. All students must participate in an experiential learning experience at some time in grades 9-12. It is recommended that all students complete an online learning experience and at least one course in technology applications. All senior students are required to enroll in a full day of high school and/or college credit bearing courses and are encouraged to complete a senior project.

Subject Credits Required Course Substitutions



English 9

English 10

English 11

English 12

AP English courses; English 12 CR, or Transitions English Language Arts for senior



Math 1 or Algebra 1

Math II or Geometry

Math III

Math IV

AP Math Courses

Math IV-Trigonometry/Pre-calculus or Math IV TR or Transition Math for Seniors* or any other fourth course option such as AP Math

Science 3

Physical Science


Third Lab Science



Conceptual or AP Biology

AP Science

Social Studies


World Studies

United States Studies

Contemporary Studies

Civics for the Next Generation

AP concurrent courses; Grades 9-11 may substitute the following AP® courses:  AP® World History, AP® US History, AP® European Studies, or AP® Human Geography, Civics for the 21st Century or AP® Government and Politics

Physical Education



Health Education



The Arts


Professional Pathway 4   Pre-planned, sequential courses designed to develop knowledge and skills in a specific career or academic area.
Electives 2    
Total Credits 24    
Personalized Education Plan

Each student’s Personalized Education Plan (PEP) includes a four-credit concentration that, if completed, will lead to placement in entry-level, credit-bearing college courses, attainment of an industry-recognized certificate or license, or enrollment in a workforce training program.

Students may pursue an academic or career and technical education (CTE) concentration. For the academic concentration, the state encourages students to take at least one Advanced Placement (AP) and/or Advanced Career (AC) course with corresponding examination, a fourth science credit, and two credits in one world language.

The CTE concentration results in the acquisition of an industry-recognized, CTE credential. The four credits taken in a CTE concentration must be consistent with those identified for West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) approved CTE programs of study. Each career-technical concentration in a school shall provide students the opportunity to obtain an industry-recognized credential as part of the instructional program, when applicable. Schools offering a concentration outside of the state-approved CTE concentrations must have four related courses approved by their local boards of education.

Assessment Requirements

The West Virginia General Summative Assessment is a customized test used to measure students’ levels of achievement of the Next Generation Content Standards and Objectives (CSOs) for West Virginia. Grades 9-11 are assessed in the areas of English Language Arts and math in alignment with College to Career-Readiness Standards. Tenth graders also take an assessment in science.