Postsecondary Placement Policies



Board of Regents

System policy has approved placement cut scores for ACT and SAT subtests. Students scoring at or above the cut score are exempt from Learning Support (i.e., developmental education).

ACT/SAT Placement Cut Scores

Readiness Area












Institutions require students who score below the cutoff in writing, reading, and/or math to enroll in co-requisite learning support courses. Also, institutions must address in their Learning Support Framework how to support students who score 12 or below on any ACT subtest.

The Board of Regents recommends that each regional institution partner with the local school districts in its region to deliver learning support to at-risk students identified through placement assessments administered prior to senior year.

Institutions are directed to form partnerships with their local high school district to develop early intervention systems and provide learning support to high school students considered not college ready prior to their senior year in high school.

Stand-alone learning support may be provided only to support non-degree seeking students whose program does not require college-level math, English or reading. An institution must have strategies to address learning support for students with ACT subject scores (or equivalent scores on other assessments such as the SAT, PSAT, etc.) of 12 or below.

University of Tennessee System

The system’s three undergraduate institutions set minimum ACT and SAT cut scores for entrance into specific English and math courses. If students’ scores are high enough, or they have completed an appropriate course with a C or better, or made a passing score on an AP or CLEP exam, or pass the approved online math placement exam with an 80 percent or higher, they qualify for the first math course required for their major. If not, they are directed to take a pre-requisite course.

All three institutions require students with low ACT English or SAT critical reading sub-scores to take an additional course or participate in a supplemental writing lab.

UT-Martin requires students who score below 21 on the ACT English and/or ACT Math subtests to enroll in the lowest applicable college-level courses.