College and Career Readiness Definitions


The Virginia College and Career Readiness Initiative is designed to ensure that college and career-ready standards are taught in all Virginia high schools. In Virginia, to graduate with a Standard Diploma a student must earn at least 22 credits and earn at least six verified credits by passing end-of-course Standards of Learning (SOL) tests. Beginning with students entering 9th grade in 2013-2014, a student must also earn a career and technical education credential and successfully complete one virtual course (credit or non-credit). To graduate with an Advanced Studies Diploma a student must earn between 24 and 26 credits and earn at least nine verified credits as well as one virtual course. Students substitute approved tests (e.g., AP, IB, ACT, SAT, Cambridge International, CLEP) for the end-of-course SOL tests to receive verified credit. Students who fail one or more of the SOL tests are required to receive remediation.

In September 2017, legislation was enacted directing the Virginia Board of Education to establish high school graduation requirements emphasizing flexibility and competency-based learning. The new requirements will apply to students entering high school as a freshman after July 1, 2018.